what is a microgreen?

Microgreens are edible seedlings of various vegetables, herbs and flowers. They are incredibly healthy and can contain up to forty times the nutrient content of their mature plant counterparts. They are also delicious as well as beautiful on a plate.

what makes a microgreen so healthy?

Plants grow from a single seed, this seed contains all the nutrients it needs to get going. As it grows in age, of course it takes nutrients from other places, but the initial push it needed was within the seed itself. When we plant these seeds densely and harvest them at a young age, while they are still pushing hard to get going, their nutrient content is through the roof! Preliminary studies done on the nutrient content of commercially grown microgreens baffled scientists, as they were shown to contain insanely high levels of vitamins, phytochemicals, antioxidants, carotenoids and various anti-aging/anti-cancer compounds. I know, sounds a little like snake oil, and we all know that balance in all things we do is essential, but your mother did always tell you to eat your veggies! For more information and some research done on microgreens, check here

ok, so I want to get on the microgreen train, why should they be purchased from a local grower versus a large national operation?

  1. Cost: It all comes down to dollars and cents, and believe it or not, we can beat the big boys. Our price is better than what you will find in the upscale chain retailers that sell microgreens grown in California. We keep overhead low, grow only specific seed that is crazy healthy and economically viable, and we're a small operation. That's how we can offer a superior product at a better price.

  2. Quality: The time between harvest and plate is very important for both nutrient content and flavor. On average, by the time you pick up broccoli at the supermarket, even the organic broccoli, it has lost 40% of it's vitamin C content. Some spinach and other greens can loose 80% within the first 72hr. We spend a lot of money on food that we hope is healing us, and it's basically dead food. Well, our microgreens deliver where others don't. Speaking of delivery, Hometown Acres harvests and delivers within 24hr (usually less than 6!). There's nothing better for you than getting your veggies from your own garden, and we strive to mimic that experience.

  3. Honest Business Practices: Our model is integrity based, we're honest and dedicated. Farmer John created this from nothing and by you patronizing and supporting this farm it means you are supporting a passionate, dedicated and loving production system. This isn't a big box, this isn't just some job, this is much more, and you will get a product that reflects that.

  4. Big Picture: You're voting with your dollar when you buy local and wholesome food. This stuff ain't from China, Mexico, California or Florida! It's not grown in a massive red and blue LED illuminated warehouse conversion, not to discount these businesses, but small farms bring humanity into the picture where those guys bring scale-ability. This is from our own backyards, and supporting this type of operation means that maybe another grower can get into the market and feed our neighbors with some of the best stuff around. We need to make a shift in the way we produce food, and the best way we can start doing that is by supporting our local farmers, or growing it ourselves. Try both! We want to be growing more than just vegetables, we want to empower more individuals to take the paths that lead to fulfilling lives, to inspire more growers, especially our children, and to show that farming can be a sustaining career for both our souls and our wallets.

  5. Fun!: Because it's fun and feels good! Simply put, we enjoy going to our local businesses for a ton of reasons, but one of them is just that it feels so much more real, worthwhile, wholesome and fun. So look forward to getting your veggies at your drop off meetup. Let's shoot the breeze, meet like-minded people and enjoy a win-win interaction!