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Currently, we accept new customers over the phone, or through email. You can call or email us at anytime, or you may complete the form below, and we will contact you directly. Payments for orders will be taken at pickup, once you have received your products, and if you are satisfied, you may then subscribe for a duration of time (1 month-12 months) of your choosing.

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below is a quick synopsis of the csa, to learn more about the farm, please visit our faq's page

here's to your health:

our microgreens are some of the healthiest plants you can consume. additionally, we always harvest from the farm and deliver to our DROP OFF location in Crystal lake within twenty four hours (usually less than six). join our csa to get the freshest produce each week to supercharge your health with these baby greens packed full of nutrients!

how the csa works:

We provide our products at a central drop off location in the city of crystal lake. when you sign up, you will customize your share to include drop off frequency, which products you would like and how much you would like us to grow for you.

once you sign up, we start growing your product! please understand that it may take up to two weeks to begin regular service, as each order is grown from seed. you will receive an email when your order is planted, and another before the scheduled pickup date, reminding you that they will be ready!

if you would like to know more, please send your inquiry here, otherwise, continue below to learn more about our products.



Below you will find all the products we offer, we sell by the ounce, as this is what we consider to be a single serving. If this is your first time and it's hard to visualize how much you need for a dish...when we make a salad for two, we like to use a total of two ounces, along with some veggies and your favorite protein, this will yield a salad to satisfy two people.

Salad Mix Mild.jpg
Microgreens Salad Blend

**Standalone microgreens without shoots** This is a powerful punch of healthy microgreens including: Calabrese Broccoli, Red Acre Cabbage, Purple Vienna Kohlrabi and Red Russian Kale. This combination provides a varied nutrient complex with a mild flavor that won't overpower. This mix is commonly enjoyed as a stand alone salad, and is also great as a crisp addition to brighten up any dish. **Qty: Sold by the ounce.**

Shoots and Micros.jpg
Shoots and Micros Health Punch Blend

This blend of shoots and microgreens provides the great flavor and bite of the Pea shoots with the delicate and healthy punch of the Brassicaceae family microgreens. The microgreens in this mix include Calabrese Broccoli, Red Acre Cabbage, Purple Vienna Kohlrabi and Red Russian Kale. Chop this blend of shoots and micros for a charged up meal! **Qty: Sold by the ounce.**

Pea Shoots.jpg
Pea Shoots

**Standalone shoots without microgreens** Pea shoots are crunchy and sweet like a snap pea. Kids love them plain as a snack or with a light dressing of lemon. Chefs love using pea shoots to brighten up dishes such as a hearty meat dish but they go great on just about anything! They can be in excess of 5" so try chopping them up unless you want to look like a cow munching down the fields! **Qty: Sold by the ounce.**

Sunflower Shoots

Sunflower Shoots taste just like a sunflower seed but with the great benefit of being able to be eaten whole! These are some of the more popular microgreens, with their prolific use in healthy eating. Sunflower Shoots work great to flavor smoothies, and kids love them too! **Qty: Sold by the ounce.**

Red "Rambo" Radish Microgreens

These “Rambo” Radish micro’s add a serious peppery flavor to dishes. If you are a fan of radishes you will love them! **Qty: Sold by the ounce.**

Popcorn Shoots

A bigtime favorite these shoots are grown in the absence of light, making them tender and incredibly sweet. It’s a taste you have to try to believe. They don’t have a very long shelf life however, so eat them quick!

**Qty: Sold by the ounce.**